Compare PP Flash Drive vs Hard Disks Setup?

I have a nice HP Win 7 12GB setup with 3 TB hard drives.  Rendering is very good with 3 drives but with only 2 it was not so good.  However, I’m converting to MacBook Pros and I’m curious if I still need 3 hard drives or if one Flash drive works as well.  Or should I spread the load between one onboard Flash memory drive and external HD’s with a Thunderbolt connection?


Anyone tried this?  My videos rarely exceed 15 minutes at 1080P.  They are usually mountain biking.  I also use 3DS Max for 3D graphics and that program likes multiple HD’s for rendering.  I’m exploring using only MacBook Pro Retinas with 27″ Thunderbolt Displays for post processing and 3D CG.  I’m looking at a significant investment in software upgrades so I would love to know more before I get deeper in debt 🙂


– Jim

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