Color Spill Help – Green Screen

I recently had to move my home studio to a smaller room, forcing me to stand closer to my green screen which as can guess is killing me with spill. I spend a lot more time setting up too now to try to eliminate this before post. I currently use a green muslim or cotton rag. I am looking for a better screen to help eliminate bounce back. I am currently looking at eefx screens. Has anyone used these screens and how is the bounce back. I am also considering using blue as it seems blue will absorb the light more and create less bounce. Also the eefx diagram seems to spread the light out more so maybe I can use less light on the screen.

I am now standing 2 – 3 feet from the screen and it is a big pain doing so but it is all I have for right now. My last youtube video I got sick of watching and fixing I just let it ride with the errors. It wasn’t too bad but I like to do it right.

Does anyone have any other advice that could help….I can’t stand any further away. Thanks!

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