Codec error, need footage/log notes from project.

Aright so I have CS6 and have updated my Premiere to 6.0.3. I am getting the “sequence has missing codecs” error that is plaguing CS6 users (I’ve been on a lot of sites/forums going over all the fixes). I opened the Adobe Help program and updated everything possible. I’ve uninstalled and re-installed and done the system clean as suggested on the Adobe help page multiple times. I’ve tried making new projects and then tried re-opening mine (apparently this worked for some people). I even made a copy of the project and tried to alter the lines of code for sequence codecs from I-Frame MPEG to AVI. I’ve re-booted my system after every attempt. I still cannot open the project.


I can however make a new project and import ALL of the footage. This seems strange to me but hey it works. Here is my problem. My producer (the project is a TV show pilot) left voluminous footage/log notes/color coded all of the footage for me in the original project (marking good and bad takes, separating interviews from b-roll, etc.) And I would very much like to be able to access all of those notes, she did this on her machine and I am now going to edit it on my station at home. Is there anyway I can get the footage in my new project to conform to all of those notes?


I’m close to the end of my rope here and time is running out, I’m on a pretty tight deadline and am also working another full time editing job during the day. Any help on either fixing Premiere so that I can open the original project or moving the footage notes from one project to another would be VERY APPRECIATED. Thank you for your time and help.

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