Luke Jane on “Rookie (?) Question regarding setting up a CS5.5 video for a specific spec”

Hey creative peeps!


I’ve been given a specific format in which to set up a video. I’m not entirely new to changing formats to videos, but this ones pretty important so i need to get the setup right. would someone be kind enough to talk me through setting up for the following specs? I can *kind of* remember that some of this wount be applied until i go to export the video, but i can never be too careful on this!


Here’s a list of the specs that I’ve been given, which i’ll write out in exactly how they’ve written it. Thank you so much if you choose to spend the time to talk me through this. It will be very much appreciated!


The finished video must be compressed to mpeg4 or quicktime (.mov)in H.264 codec with the following settings – Frame rate : 25p; aspect ratio: 1024 x 576 (SD); bitrates up to: 2000 Kbps.


Any help on my initial setup so i can open a new premiere file and edit the footage i have to the correct spec would be much appreciated!


Thank you in advance.

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Mook on “Right presets for timelapse (+ occasionally video)? (starter)”


I’m a photographer from The Netherlands (sorry for my English) who is making his first steps in making time lapse video’s.
Because i would like to be able to put different kinds of content together in a creative matter, i would like to invest my time right to learn to work with a good and versatile program as Premiere pro instead of the easy but very limited time lapse applications.
At first Premiere pro looked a bit complicated, but after some playing with it this weekend i think this is the right software for my needs.

Still i would like to know if i’m on the right track.

Camera: Canon (at this moment) 5d mark 2
Content: timelapse, sometimes combined with photo slides and HD video
Presentation: on my mac/ with a HD projector (connected to the mac)/ internet

Right now i use choose the preset (Premiere CS 5.5):
-Canon XF MPEG2 1080p30 (i want to keep some marge in slowing down)

This preset comes with:
29,97 fps
square pixels (1.0)
No fields (progressive scan)
display format: 30fps drop-frame Timecode
sample Rate: 48000hz
and video preview: I-Frame Only MPEG
codec: MPEG I-Frame

Then i import my full resolution jpg files (3:2 ratio).
I thinks it’s better not to scale (in the Raw converter process), because i want to be able to use the Ken Burns effect with zooming when i want.
I cale them so they fit vetically, with equal black strokes on the sides in the 16:9 preview.
“Problem” with using this effect is that i have to create black vertical bars that stay on top (block) of the “moving” pictures. Without the Ken Burns effect photo’s would stay centered with no problem. I think i have to do this by drawing a matte in Photoshop (still have to find out how to make it work in Premiere).
I change the time lapse fps in 8,10,12 fps, whatever looks good, and keep the video footage (if any) at 30 fps.

Can i use one sequence? What’s the use of multiple sequences? And is there an order required in this in the project window? I cannot put content “in” the sequence (like a folder) and don’t see the sequences on the timeline.

Is this the way to go for what i want, and is this a good preset? Or am i forgetting something?

And last about audio:
Do i get in trouble when i add mp3 files to the time lapse?
This is 44100 hz instead of the preset’s 48000 hz.

I’m afraid to put a lot of work in a project with mistakes in the start that can’t be changed.


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Robert Jones on “Beginner Adobe and video editing looking for feedback”

Hey guys, I’m new to adobe premiere pro and video editing in general.  I have a canon hf m31 camcorder and I live in Vegas.  I’ve mostly been shooting vegas sites set to music.  Check out this video I just made and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  I’d like to learn more about transitions, effects and post production stuff.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

I was trying to have the footage and edits fit the tone of the music.  I feel like its decent but I’d like to make more professional looking videos.


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paulears on “Audio Synchronisation gradually degrades”

I don’t think a few frames adrift after 40 minutes is unusual. I’ve never tracked it down to anything other than slight inconsistencies in the bit rate between equipment 48,000 samples a second, or 47,993? I just select a few re-sync moments in the files and then do a very short crossfade on the tracks to put them right. Very often as the slip is maybe 1 or two frames, you can re-sync the audio tracks visually by matching the peaks and troughs in the waveform. razor split the track, drag right to create a bit of space. find an identifiable peak, drag a frame or two to match the others. Rarely any more than this. The go back to the gap, extend the track to fill and then add the crossfade. Takes very little time. My projects tend to be 3 or 4 cameras and continuous recording of 45-60 mins. I expect at least one re-sync in each section. Occasionally there’s no need, but it’s pretty common I’ve found. 

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michael9 on “Audio Synchronisation gradually degrades”

As Charles suggested, PMB is the way to go here. gets all your ducks in a row without fuss.

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Pete on “M2T, MTS and MOV won’t open…”

Hello forum,

I googled for hours, but I couldn’t find a solution 🙁 🙁

I got some big problems with Adobe Premiere Pro cs6, I can’t open any video in M2T or MOV.

When I try to import an M2T Movie, the Message “a generic error occured” shows up. (Media Info says at this files:

“Format: MPEG-TS
Format : MPEG Video
Format-Version : Version 2
Format-Profil : Main@High “

And the worst problem, I can’t even open MOV files, and I allready installed the latest Quick-Time 7…

Media Info says:

“Format : MPEG Video
Format_Commercial_IfAny : HDV 1080p
Format-Version : Version 2
Format-Profil : Main@High 1440″

when I import these files, there is only audio, but no video in premiere :/

Can anyone help? Thanks a lot in advance.

(sorry for my mistakes, english isn’t my first language)



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