Adobe – Premiere Review

Adobe-Premiere Pro CS5 is out since last year and it has made quite an impact, only promising to move forward with its innovative spirit promoted by its creators.
Adobe-Premiere has been out on the market for 10 years now and currently, it’s the world’s leading video editing software, serving both Mac and Windows platform users. It’s best-known for its features being used in the creation of Avatar (James Cameron movie, 2009) and its use on the BBC network for their TV editing needs. The Tonight Show also relies on this software to edit their content and get it ready for the public audiences in front of the TV.
While there have not been many new features added to Adobe-Premiere Pro CS5 from Adobe-Premiere Pro CS4, the newest version holds the stand with implemented features that directly affect the program’s performance in a positive way. It can now make use of more than just 2 GB of RAM and has a better GPU acceleration.
Adobe-Premiere Pro CS5 also has implemented HD capabilities, making it not only a powerful option for image editors, but for video editors as well, both in terms of import and export. One of its key features, regarding the HD capability, is exporting directly in Blu-ray formats. It has also upgraded to a 64-bit system, suitable for more high-end performance and abilities.
The Mercury Playback Engine is also something new incorporated in the new Adobe-Premiere Pro CS5, bringing even more GPU acceleration and CUDA-acceleration to the product, thus allowing experienced users to make the best of this awesome video editing, image tweaking software. The number of file formats that can be imported and exported has also increased along with the new version, making it one of the most flexible video editing option on the market.
The user interface, or the UI is very friendly and easy to get around to. No more does the basic, new user need to waste time on tutorials and eBooks in order to get around the basic video editing or image editing features. With only basic computer knowledge, you can get the most of this software, easy and fast.
ATI graphics card users have encountered some problems at first, but the people behind Adobe-Premiere managed those bugs and to this day, they are mostly resolved through implemented minor updates. NVidia users however, benefit greatly from their graphic cards, as Adobe is in close relationship with NVidia producers, focusing their software on these kind of cards.
The color-key effects are also a big plus for the new version of Adobe-Premiere, making it even more user friendly and greatly enhancing the practicality of the user interface. Adobe-Premiere also has a very good support system for issues, bugs or more intricate questions about how and what the software can do. The response is prompt and to the point, not letting the user wait too long before the issue is addressed.
All in all, even though there are not many changes from the previous version, Adobe-Premiere is a top of the line video editing software, aimed at literally everybody who has taken or wants to take interest in video editing.

Adobe – Premiere 2

Users are usually scared when they hear the name Adobe, because of their tendency to make things harder for the regular PC Joe to come around to. Sure, there are numerous tutorials and videos out there which can help everyone, but not everyone has the time to take that much of an interest to learn something new.
That’s why one of the most important aspects that programmers seek out nowadays is a friendly, intuitive interface. And Adobe-Premiere creators are abiding very well to this trend. The interface is made in a way that even a new user can get through it without any problem, performing basic video editing tasks.
Even more so, Adobe-Premiere makes it easy for the regular user to share their products easy and fast. It allows for the final product to be posted to Facebook or uploaded on YouTube directly, without the hassle needed to export it to a file and then accessing these services through a browser.
Adobe-Premiere also allows users to create DVDs, complete with menus, scenes selection, multiple audio choices and subtitles. This can prove to be a very good alternative for independent movie makers or low budget projects – allowing the director to do all the work that usually falls upon paid editors. HD capabilities are also integrated, so the final product does not have to suffer from a lack of quality.
Adobe-Premiere also features a lot of automated functions that help users who are in a hurry or do not have the experience to make the tiny tweaks needed for a high-end quality video. Don’t get me wrong – Adobe-Premiere incorporates the best automated features so that you’ll get the best final product. But some, more experienced users, might want something added or removed that requires some know-how – this software will surely satisfy them with the wide array of editing options it offers.
Adobe-Premiere also allows video capture, along with the basic editing functions. Take pictures or record home movies and then sort through them using this software and even compile them into a single DVD-like file. Everything is made easy and effortless with Adobe-Premiere. Also, a key feature is the 2 GB cloud storage that it provides (which can be upgraded, with additional charges, to 20 GB). Slide shows, printing and instant movies are also features that are integrated in the Adobe-Premiere Elements 10 suite, so that everybody, and I do mean everybody can enjoy one of the most advanced video editing software out there.
Importing and exporting files through Adobe-Premiere is easier than ever. It can manage a lot of file types, both importing and exporting-wise. You can export your movie to a Blu-ray Disc, you can import and export files that are PC and Mac compatible, as well as the more known files: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MP3, DVD, Dolby Digital Stereo, H.264, Windows and QuickTime Media, DV-AVI and AVCHD.
All in all, Adobe-Premiere is the best way to go if video editing is something you’re into or want to get into. It’s easy to use, it has a friendly interface and make video editing more fun than ever.

Adobe Premiere – A Decade of Editing

Adobe-Premiere-A Decade of Editing

Adobe-Premiere has proven to be a long lasting name on the software market. Version 1.0 was released in December of 1991 for the Mac and it included such nifty features as supported output to video tape. However the 90’s flew by, people stopped listening to grunge music and they also threw away their VCR’s. That didn’t make this video editing software fade into anonymity though as Adobe released 11 more versions up to 2001. Adobe-Premiere 6.0 included a title editor, storyboard and an audio mixer amongst other features.
August of 2003 saw the release of the first Adobe-Premiere Pro, word that keeps joining the other two on the red carpet since then. The more recent CS versions had great additions like face detection and improving speech to text, audio capture metering, blending modes and enhanced Photoshop file import.
CS5 introduced the Mercury Playback Engine that the developers had 3 years in the working. Mercury eases playback to a great extent with all sorts of footage, high quality humongous effect saturated files included! The CS5 also supports a variety of formats not supported elsewhere like the Sony SD CAM HD 50, AVC-Intra, DPX, Panasonic AVCCAM and support for DSLR cameras, like those from Nikon and Canon.
The most recent version is the Adobe-Premiere Pro CS5.5, released on May 3rd 2011. Amongst the new shinny stuff, the developers went the extra mile to fix the bugs from the previous installments, bringing to light the best available version yet. Although it brings many changes, it remains similar to the CS4 series and has a user friendly interface which makes it easy to use for long time Adobe-Premiere users and for the non-tech head alike.
Adobe-Premiere Pro was also used to edit quite a number of major films like Avatar, Dust to Glory, Superman Returns, The Social Network and Playing Columbine.
But there is more to Adobe-Premiere than the Pro series.
In February 2007 Adobe released Express, a rich internet application for simple editing of digital video files. The program is served as a free tool to users of YouTube, Photobucket, and Express was used on Photobucket since 2007 to create slideshows and to remix videos and pictures.
Adobe-Premiere Elements is a simplified version of the Pro series. It has the great features of handling unlimited video and audio tracks with multiple key framed effects applied to each clip, cromakey and picture in picture capabilities. Elements 1.0 was released in September 2004 and was codenamed Dick Tracy. There seems to be a long standing tradition of detective codenames in regards to Premiere, go figure. Version 2.0 came with support for digital still cameras that capture video, DVD camcorders and mobile phones, a huge leap from the 1.0 that was intended for MiniDV camcorder owners. Elements 10 was released in 2011 with many new features added along the way like speeding up the uploading process.
Adobe-Premiere could have been a long forgotten name in the software industry but that is not the case. With 29 releases that culminated with the Pro series, 8 Elements versions and the Express, Adobe keeps offering good quality programs to its users and will probably be here when grunge becomes popular again.

Adobe Premiere

Did you know that your favorite movies like Avatar, Dust to Glory, Superman Returns (for the video capture process), Captain Abu Raed, The Social Network, Playing Columbine, Monsters – would not have looked realistic without a powerful video editing program like Adobe-Premiere? What is it? What can it do? What could it do 20 years ago? What can it do now? Adobe-Premiere has evolved to adapt continuously, constantly seeking to satisfy its customers.
As the number of devices that can record videos is growing rapidly, people began to seek a comprehensive solution for editing, organizing and sharing that is easy to learn and use.
Adobe is the company that has been making a real effort to ensure that the learning curve with Premiere Pro is shallow. The application uses fundamental, established paradigms so it to be an intuitive application.
During the process of creating the application, listening to the customers’ needs helped building of a product that solves their problems.
Adobe-Premiere is probably the most complete video editing studio.
To keep up with the latest technology’s on the market, Adobe-Premiere incorporates the support for DVD and Blue-ray, encoding for mobile equipment like mobile phones and PDA’s, advance handling of all projects with the help of an integrated panel into the graphic interface of the program. Nevertheless slow motion option is also available.
Adobe is looking at more than just offering users the short term benefits with its latest push. The company is showing users that the Premiere Pro platform is something that can fill all of their editing needs from now on.
Adobe-Premiere is all you need to edit professional videos, clips, and more. It has all the necessary tools for editing, adding special effects, slow motion and others. It supports most video acquisition hardware, especially for DV and now HD. This is why the system requirements are higher than most software of this kind. And when you get it mastered, you realize what special tool it is!!
Evolution of Adobe-Premiere began in December 1991 with the launch of Adobe-Premiere 1.0, passes through the launch of several interfaces for 20 years in 30 intermediate variants, arriving today with the new Adobe-Premiere Pro CS5.5 who excels in many video editing options.
Adobe-Premiere 1.0 released in 1991 allowed QuickTime multimedia and Video Spigot format support, PICT image support, Supported up to 160 x 120 pixels movie creation, Supported 8-bit audio and output to video tape.
The ultimate soft – Adobe-Premiere Pro CS5.5 – comes with MPE acceleration of more video effects, merges clips for dual system audio, Closed captioning play out to firmware and third-party hardware, Adobe Audition CS5.5 integration, improved speech-to-text using Adobe Story scripts, Canon XF metadata support, New Film dissolve effect, Subtract and Divide blend modes. It can be used on Windows and Mac Platforms.
Adobe-Premiere is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, a graphic design suite, made by Adobe systems. Premiere Pro includes an OEM package with a high-end video editing card, just like the Matrox RT.X2.
Adobe-Premiere Pro CS5.5 enables you to edit faster than before by offering leading, native file–based GPU-accelerated effects and filters thanks to the enhanced Adobe Mercury Playback Engine —that is now available on laptops and workstations.

About Adobe – Premiere

Adobe-Premiere is basically a video editing software which is based on timeline editing. That means that you will have the video in front of you, along with the timeline of the video, so you can add or modify effects exactly where you wish to.
It’s a rather young product from Adobe Systems, the producers. But its impact has been tremendous both in game and film industry. Not only that, but even TV shows use it to edit some of their sketches and add a bit of fun to their program (The Tonight Show, for example).
Adobe-Premiere handles video editing resolutions as far as up to 10,240 x 8,192 resolution. This provides movie-makers and editors with a performance and option boost that nearly not any other software gives them. This is why it is so popular and widely used today, given the trend of movies, games and even TV to move over to HD.
Adobe-Premiere is also well known due to the fact that it incorporates some vital features into its Pro version. These features are After Effects (altering effects directly onto the timeline and observing the final products before release); Photoshop (individually edit and modify each frame, then automatically adding it back to the timeline); Adobe Story and OnLocation (ability to encrypt metadata into the video file, such as subtitles and text directly, even using basic speech recognition functions); Adobe Audition, Dynamic Link to Encore and Reveal in Adobe Brige.
All the features presented come with the Adobe-Premiere Pro version and are all the current version (CS5.5) offers. The first Adobe-Premiere was released in December, 1991 and it was originally intended for Mac users only. It wasn’t until 1993 in September that Adobe-Premiere was made available for the Windows PC platform as well. Back then it allowed for 99 stereo tracks and 97 video tracks, along with sub-pixel motion and field rendering. New features kept coming with the new updates, up until the latest one on May 3rd 2011. The latest updates focused Mac and Windows platforms together and until today, they are at Adobe-Premiere Pro CS5 (the 5th version of Adobe-Premiere Pro).
Adobe-Premiere is not only known to editors and filmmakers. The usage of the software made it very popular among the common PC users. The customers found out that the software was used to create and edit such movies as Avatar, Social Network and Superman Returns and quickly started to share an interest for the video editing platform. BBC also uses the software.
And Adobe-Premiere does not disappoint the common user. Most people have tried the Windows Movie Maker or other simple video editing software options. Well, Adobe-Premiere is as simple as they are. Sure, it can do a million things more than those can, but it is also oriented to serve the simple needs and expectations of the common user, without making him have to go through lengthy tutorial videos and/or books. Furthermore, due to the fact that it runs both on PC and Macs, it provides for literally all the world’s computer users a quick, easy and fun way to edit videos.