Canon C300 MXF spanned clips

Total FCP to PP newbie here, so pardon if this is already addressed/covered/known issue or simply user error.


My first project in PP is based on Canon C300 footage, 23.976, 1920×1080, interview content.   Many of my interviews go longer than the 2.05GB file limit and thus span across multiple clips.  This appears to be causing significant confusion with PP.  I’ve read a few other user discussions that seem to have similar issues but mine are slightly different…bear with me…


Issue #1:


Two spanned clips from the same camera take show up with the same starting time coded.  For example. I have one continuous interview that starts at 01:22:56:12 but then spans across two clips.  I’ll call those Part A and Part B.   When I import Part A and Part B using “Import from Media Browswer, then both Part A and Part B display the same common start time-code, even though in reality part B should clearly start one frame after the end of Part A.      This happens in both the Project/Bin view as well as the Source Monitor.  See below.




Aside from the confusion this creates with me, the user, it also appears to be causing problems within PP in that when I try to simply load either Part A or Part B into my source monitor, PP gets “confused” about which source clip it should playback from.  Sometimes this means that it plays the wrong clip entirely, until I pause and restart the playback, and sometimes it means that PP will stagger playback between the two clips (altnernately playing frames from A and then B in near real-time…A-B-A-B-A-B-A-B, etc) until it figures out which is the correct source clip to play.  


If this weren’t bad enough, it gets even more troubling when I edit a section from either Part A or Part B into a sequence, thinking that I’ve edited in the section that I want, only to play it back and have PP play the audio from Part A and the picture from Part B.  Yet another example of it’s own internal confusion.


Issue #2

The complimentary problem to this is that the End TC for Part A and Part B are note the same.   Looking at the Bin view above, you can see that Part A has an end TC that is after the ending TC of Part B.   When I first encountered this I thought that it meant that PP was being “smart”, seeing that there was a spanned clip, and then using the XML metadata to know that the full clip was the total of Part A and Part B, and that I could simply delete Part B from my project.      Not so.  As Issue #1 demosntrated, the TC associated with Part B is just flat out wrong in its display.  (the only correct aspect of Part B apparently is the duration.)



I’m not clear at this point if this is a problem with how Canon is writing it’s MXF and XML files or how PP is reading those files.  Either way, it’s maddening to try to edit something without the confidence that what I’m editing is in fact going to be there when I play it back.


I’ve seen some users mention using other ingesting solutions and I would be interested in what those are before going much further in my cut (even though it will be tremendously discouraging to know that the “fast solution of PP” is somewhat of a fallacy at this point).    I’m also interested to know if these problems are limited to C300/MXF files or if it’s showing up with .R3D files which also get written to disc as spanned files.

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