Box does not come up for me to save clip after capture

This is my first question and I want to preface it by saying thank you for your help in advance! This has been an ongoing issue for about a week.


I work for a local TV station in Arizona and we have 3 seperate computers to each editor to run the station.  Everything is up to date and current. We work with Premiere Pro CS5.5.


So, I’ve worked here for a while now and about a week ago was the first time I needed to capture from tape. First I used a Sony DV tape and used the camera (a Canon XL) with which I recorded on, plugged into the computer using a firewire cable. I opened Premiere, started a new project, opened the capture window, marked my in and out of what to capture and hit record. Everything was going until I got to about 4 and a half minutes and a box pops up saying “Video Connection Lost!”. I hit ok, and hit record and it kept going. Now every 5 min this box would pop up and I would hit ok, hit record and keep going. When I had gone through all the footage I needed, I went to import the files and another box popped up saying the files were corrupt and in an unsupported format.


Well from there I did a few things to help fix it. I started a brand new project, checked all the settings of the project, scratch disks, sequence and made sure it was all in order. I erased all other files associated with this project. I rebooted the computer (multiple times since then). I changed firewire cables. And I used the Sony DVCAM instead of the camera. Still the same thing.


Now, at one point. I was able to capture small increments of my footage and the box would come up to save the file and I was able to get everything I needed into Premiere with no issues, as long as I did them in increments of less than 4 min. We looked up reasons why this could be happening and a couple times it was suggested that the firewire cable was bad (which we changed) or the tape had too many gaps (which we changed to a different Sony DV tape). On the first tape I would get my shot, hit stand by, get another shot hit stand by etc and I assumed that’s what caused the tape gaps. This time, I kept it recording the entire time as to eliminate multiple tape gaps.


Well, ,my boss took the tape into his system and used his DVCAM and Premiere on his system captured it perfectly. No issues. No weird message boxes. Nothing.


I needed to get more footage, and when I had, I came back to my computer to undergo this once more to find that, the only box that would not pop up for me was the one I needed, the save clip box. The video connection lost came up, the corrupt files came up…. And after all this, I have managed to take a step backwards in this fixing process instead of forwards. I don’t know what else to do.


Is this an issue that I will have to speak to Adobe directly about? Or did I miss something that could be fixed?


Again , thank you so much for any help or advice you have!



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