Best PC workstation for CS5.5 Graphic Design Work

Hey all,

I’m a graphic designer looking to get a new system. Budget is about $3-$5k. I’ve been a Mac fan for years but want a PC this time; I can get near cost pricing on PC parts as husband is in IT.


Conscidering this system:

Lenovo D30 XEON E5-2609 Workstation

2nd processor: INTEL XEON 2.4G 2011 10M



Intel 520 Series SSD + WD Black 72k HD for storage

Windows 7 x64 Pro

Dual 24″ 1080×1920 HD LED Samsung Monitors


Work I do:

– Graphic design – logos, websites, trade show displays, advertising, etc. (Mostly Illustrator)

– Light programming (Mostly Dreamweaver)

– Photo editing (Photoshop)

– Desktop Publishing (creation of magazine, advertising maps/guide booklets) in InDesign.

Often use large files; trade show displays are huge generally. Also like to use iTunes, Chrome, etc in the background.

Using latest CS6 suite


Hardware Questions:

– Am I better to put the money into one high end processor, or dual processors?

– Am I better to use workstation Xeon processors or Desktop i7 processors?

– ECC RAM or regular RAM? Is ECC worth the extra money?

– Video Card – is the Quadro 4000 worth the money, or am I better to go with something cheaper and spend more on RAM and processor, or go with two Quatros?


Thanks in advance for taking the time to give me a hand and help recommend what hardware to use

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