Best laptop for creative suite cs6?

I will be heading to college in September and wish to buy a new laptop and install creative suite production premium on it. I need a computer which will run fairly smoothly with production premium  but possibly more importantly I need a computer which will last me my four years of undergraduate. My college offers special deals on apple and dell computers so I’m strongly considering buying a laptop from those brands but am willing to purchase my computer from another company if it’s clear that the laptop would be longer lasting/good with production premium. I can afford a little above 2000 dollars for the computer but I won’t likely be able to play around with the computer much to imporove things like memory so custimization is basically out. Here are the descriptions of four computers I was looking at were the macbook 15 and 13.3 as well as the new special addition 15r inspiration and the new xps 15. The new xps 15 at 2000 dollars seems the most powerful but my understanding is that macs have a longer lifespan. Any recomendations would be great thanks!

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