Best book for learning advanced skills?

I’m looking for a very extensive book or video set to learn Premiere and After Effects at a very advanced level such as what an editor working in a professional setting would need, to put an example, like the one described in this article: with-adobe-cs6/


A search on Amazon gives me the Adobe Classroom in a Book, but user reviews say it’s rather basic. I’ve done a lot of work in both programs, but I’m looking for very advanced training in case eventually I get an opportunity to work for either a large production company or a TV network that needs things done with quality on a tight schedule. I wouldn’t mind buying 2 or more books or DVD sets if that is necessary. I especially want to learn advanced skills on After Effects, since I get a sense that is more used than Premiere in the professional field, and obviously it’s far more complicated with expressions and so on.


I’m also looking for a book/s on advanced editing techniques, more targeted towards creativity than anything else.


Any suggestions?





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