AVI files – no video only sound problem

Hi there!


I am experiencing some very strange and _very_ annoying issues with my Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 software – my .AVI files have no video.


I have recorded a lot of video for a music video remake on my camera: Toshiba Camileo X100 in HD (720p60frames).


I play them all fine in Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player and such, but when i import to premiere, i only get audio – NO video.


I have searched around the Internet for a solution – but found none – this is really getting on my nerve, as i have been looking forward to edit my video .


The solution which would be working, was to download Super (a converter program) and convert my AVI files to MP4, H.264/AVC with codec AAC LC, but this will take years, and i am also having some troubles finding the correct video quality as the original file – ergo, i don’t want to loose any quality when converting. Converting all my files will take years – got around 10 GB – and i only see this as an emergency solution.


I bet there MUST be a fix for this, so my AVI files will work properly for Adobe Premiere CS5. I need help – please, help!


Thanks in advance!


p.s. I would just say that i have been working with AVI files before, for another project, but these where recorded with FRAPS on my computer.

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