AVI files from Go Pro type camera not importing to prem 5.5. Audio only!

Hi, I recently brought a ‘Go Pro’ type camera to take on holiday with me. I also took my Sony Z5. I filmed mainly with the Z5 and used the mini camera for ‘near salt water’ shots and used in places that I wasn’t keen to use the Sony. The Sony Z5 video was on HD-1440×1080 @ 25fps.The mini cam recorded in HD 1920×1080 @ 30fps. Footage from the Sony loaded perfectly into Prem 5.5, but the files from the mini cam (AVIs) only loaded the audio files, no picture! I managed to convert these files to mpeg2 and these imported ok but there was a deterioration in picture quality ( pixelation etc).I would like to have the same quality in Prem. as I get when playing the original files back either in media player or direct to my TV. Maybe I need to tick a box somewhere?? Has anyone got an answer for me? Thanks.

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