AVCHD Workflow help

Hello all,


I will be migrating to Premiere Pro CS6 from FInal Cut Pro 7 starting this fall for all of my video production classes.  I need some guidance on workflow. 


We currently shoot on Sony NX70u which uses the AVCHD codec producing .MTS files.  I’ve been working with the native AVCHD files on PP CS6 for a few days now to get acquainted with the workflow and performance on our Macs (some iMacs and some Mac Pro towers) and so far so good.  My question:


I know PP CS6 will work with the native AVCHD files, but I’m worried about performace issues with my Macs.  Is there any reason to transcode the AVCHD files to another codec before editing in PP?  I guess I’m still in the Final Cut Pro-Log and Transfer mode of thinking about files





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