AVCHD Metadata & keywords workflow in CS6

Hi everyone,


I posted a similar question in the Bridge CS6 forum and am not getting many responses.  So I thought I’d post here in the Premiere forums as there’s likely more folks here with AVCHD experience.


I am new to AVCHD.  I have a separate media drive on my computer (internal RAID-0 volume) with a “footage library” folder.  I’ve been dumping the contents of my memory cards into this folder (creating a subfolder for each), retaining the file/directory structure of the memory card.


I want to be able to edit metadata and apply keywords to each individual AVCHD video file.  This information would then be viewable/searchable by all Adobe applications (specifically Bridge and Premiere Pro).


Is there a way to do this?  It seems like such a simple task.  I assumed I would do this in Bridge, but it does not work.  I know that I can add info to each clip from within Premiere, but this info is NOT viewable outside of that particular Premiere project (i.e. it doesn’t show up in Bridge, or even if I were to reuse the same file in a different Premiere project).


Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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