Automating Subtitles in Premiere?

Having gone round the forums all day I still can’t find an answer to this.


I have to produce a duplicate video of my 4 min edit with burned in foreign language subtitles ( not a separate stream or anything). Many examples talk about importing subtitles with timecode into Encore but I’m making a standalone video for the web (WMV), not DVD or BluRay, so I need to do it in Premiere.


In Premiere I can manually copy text into titles and manually sync them using timecode ref, but isn’t there a faster way as this might take around a day to do manually.


I’ve picked up on Subtitle Workshop

but this just seems to reformat timecode text files ( into SAMI, etc) and does not render them out as anything I can directly import into Premiere.


Is there any useful import method into Premiere that just works with the timecode file to create a seamless animated subtitle/ sequence of subtitles? Or is there some text animation program that will allow me to render out the file (as frame sequence or quicktime with alpha)  and then import that as footage into Premiere?


Any help gratefully received – using CS4 production bundle on a pc.

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