Audio out of sync AFTER importing

Hello, how are you?


I’ve been searching for a solution for a while, but I can’t seen to find any.


The thing is… I’ve been capturing some gameplay footage, with files that last an hour or even more.

When I watch the files in any player (Windows Media Player, VLC, Media Player Classic) they play fine, the audio and the video seems to be on sync and OK.

But after I import to Adobe Premiere, it just gets out of sync. Even when I watch in the Source Monitor, before dragging to the timeline.

It looks like there is a problem when conforming the audio.

But even the time duration is different from the original, there is some frames or even seconds of difference inside Premiere.

And this happens with different codecs, AVI (from FRAPS), H.264 (with AAC audio and MP3)…


I’ve tried cleaning the cache, deleting the software and reinstalling again, converting – everything.


Some are saying this is a recurrent bug on Adobe Premiere. Isn’t there any fix or something that I could do?


It’s really strange that the problems only occur AFTER importing. Outside of Premiere is fine, so there is no problem with the capture, right?


I would really appreciate if someone helps me. Thanks a lot!



PS: I have Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

Intel Core i7


GeForce GTX 580

HD 2 TB 7200RPM

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