Audio “disappears” in Pr CS6

I’m having a tremendous amount of trouble with a particular project in CS 6.


PC, Win 7 Ultimate

Nvidia 4000

32GB Ram

Red Rocket Card

CS6 Prod Premium


Sony MXF 4:2:0, 35Mbps files at 29.97p.


I have a project, that has about 20 clips in it.  I edited the piece, then pushed the video into After Effects to do “treatments” brought them back and want to make an output. 


However, when I play the timeline back, audio seems to disappear!  By that I mean, if you open the audio track, there are waveforms… however, when playing “over” that clip, no audio is heard! 


Take a look at the image:




I’ve been experimenting with various work-arounds… I’ve used the “match frame” to find the exact spot in the source monitor… then I choose “repalce clip with source monitor” and the audio is replaced and plays… The trouble is when I fix one clip, another pops up.


Even wilder:  Some clips play a portion and then the audio stops suddenly in the middle of the clip!


I’ve shut down Pr and fired it back up…. that works sometimes… not always.


I’ve rebooted… works sometimes, not always…


Now the system is hanging up and crashing! 


I’m trying to get the project out!  I have the client in the room, and this is not looking good!  “Why don’t you just use Final Cut Pro like everyone else?” 


I’m looking for answers and solutions.






Worth noting:  I had both CS6 and CS5.5 installed on the system when this project originated… I had so many system crashes, I decided to remove BOTH last weekend, run a registry cleaner and then reinstall CS6.  That seemed to clear up many issues, but not the dropping of the audio.

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