Aspect Ratio Issues in Premier Pro CS 5.5

I’m trying to produce a DVD for my daughter’s school and my wife bought me a copy of CS 5.5 to help (thanks lovely wife!).


I made a number of rookie mistakes when originally trying to produce the final video, but I think I have managed to correct most of them. Sadly, the final product still does not play correctly on a DVD player.


Here are the attributes of the original source footage (from Windows):




And here are the settings from PP for a similar file (same settings, just a file from a little later in the filming process)




And finally, here are the settings for the sequence that I created by right-clicking on the footage in PP and creating a new sequence from the file:




The problem is this… The footage plays correctly in PP when previewed. It plays fine when exported as media and played on my PC, but when played through a media player (as a digital file) the aspect ratio is off and the file seems constrained horizontally, which pushes the top and bottom of the footage off screen (not sure I’m describing this well).


Also, when I use Encore to produce a DVD as a test, the same issue occurs. So I can only assume that the problem is the render from PP.


Can anyone help? Do you need more info to help? I’m getting frustrated… time for a beer while I wait for replies.


Thanks in advance

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