Another CS6 Worksation Build Proposal for review and comment

Hi All,


I’ve put together the following video editing system build after reading this forum for many months and would really appreciate any feedback or comments. Of particular interest are comments on the hard disk setup, location of the media cache and connection speed and disk size allocation. I’m trying to put together a fast, stable, easily managed system from a file management perspective for home video editing using CS6. Video Editing will be the primary task for this workstation but it will also be the main desktop PC in the house for other general computing purposes.


Motherboard: ASROCK Extreme 11
CPU: Intel 3930K
Memory: GSkill 1600MHZ RipjawsZ  PC12800 8 x 8 64gb
Graphics Card: EVGA 4G GTX680 Classified 04G-P4-3688-KR
Power Supply: Corsair AX1200i
Case: Coolmaster Cosmos II Black
Optical Drive: Pioneer BDR-207DBKS Black 12X Blu-Ray Writer
( 1 X 3gb SATA connection )
CPU Cooler / Fan: Noctua NH-D14 Socket 2011 Special Edition CPU Cooler
Software / OS: Windows 8 Pro 64 bit
C Drive:  OS, Programs, Pagefile Samsung Series 840 Pro SSD 512gb
( 1 x 6gb SATA connection )
D Drive: Media, Projects 2 x WD Velociraptor 10000 rpm HDD 1 TB ( RAID 0 ) = 2TB TOTAL
( 2 x 3gb SATA connections )
E Drive: Previews, Exports, Media Cache Samsung Series 840 Pro 512gb SATA 3 6GB/s SSD ( RAID 0 ) = 1024gb TOTAL
( 2 x 6gb SATA connections )
F Drive: Backup 2 X 3TB Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM HDD ( RAID 1 )
( 2 x 3gb SATA connection )


I chose the ASROCK Extreme 11 due to the number of SATA3 ports. I haven’t found any other 2011 socket mb’s with the amount of SATA ports I require. Any alternatives recommended ?


My understanding is that HDD’s wont benefit from a 6gb SATA3 connection so there is no point using these ports for any HDD – is this correct ?


I have viewed Todd’s ‘Optimizing Hard Disk Video’ where he puts the Media Cache on the C drive. Where would you recommend the Media Cache be placed ?


My intention is to backup everything from both D & E RAID 0 volumes to F drive. I note some systems and recommendations have the exports being written directly to the larger, slower backup HDD but doesn’t this mean the export takes longer to write ? I am assuming I am better off writing out my export file to a fast SDD and then backing up to my F: HDD later.


Any comments on the size of my E drive for Preview, Export, Media Cache…would 2 x 256gb drives in RAID 0 be adequate, considering I’m using this drive purely as temporary storage.


I also acknowledge that the C drive at 512gb may be overkill but I’d rather not run out of space there, especially if I need to use that drive for the pagefile and media cache or anything else recommended.


I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions and really appreciate any feedback / alternatives suggested.


Kind Regards



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