And I thought the winner was AVC-Intra;)

In my travels through the editspere I have often wondered what codec is good for this or that.  I am becoming incresingly convinced that AVC-Intra is a great, if not the best, codec to use in premiere if you need to transcode. Premiere is very good at handeling lots of codecs nativly but only some are handeled in 64 bit, Quicktime is handeled as 32bit in PP so is not ideal and this includes the Avid Codecs whitch are populer with some After Effects users.  64 bit is not the holy grail and if you are working on mac Prores seems to work well.  I should also note that if you are editing DSLR ir is best to do it nativly, unless your computer is not powerfull enough and then transcodeing is a good solution.


Recently I have started using Premiere Pro on windows so prores is not a good option.  I have been lookingg into AVC-Intra as a good solution for transcodeing and archiving.  From what I have read it is excelent at compression and has a 10 bit colour depth and with te Encoder P2 presets is 4:2:2.  It therefore seesm like a great choise.  This seesm especialy true for PP as it is handeled in 64 bit (acording to an adobe guy).


The thing that has got me a bit confused is whan I encode into it with encoder I get a file structure.  I can import into PP but cant play the files in VLC.  I am wondering if I should be thinking of another format and AVC-Intra is not the answer.



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