Ancient Project. Premiere 5.0 installation disk missing.

I have an ancient project I would like to revive.


The problem is that the project files were created in Premiere 5.0 back in 1999/2000. I recently unearthed a Hard drive with the project files on it, and would like to revivie it. I can always use the original clips to recreate the video but all the editing would have to be recreated too.


I have the original licence but can only find a download for 5.1c which is an update and won’t install without the prior version installed.


The hard drive with the application on has not surprisingly failed and in the intervening years the installtion CD for premiere 5.0 has been mislaid


I want to resurrect the project using the original project as a starting point but it cannot be opened in V 4.2….and Premiere Pro CS5 won’t open them either.


If anybody from Adobe, justifiably, thinks this is all a bit odd I can supply the key I have for validation.


Hope someone can help.


I refuse to seek a copy through torrent sites, way too risky apart from being illegal. If no rememdy available then it’s “back to the drawing board”



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