Analyze ALL footage for Warp Stablizer??

FCP 7 had a way to analyze every imported clip for the “smoothmotion” effect, which is Apple’s identical twin to the “warp stabilizer” effect in Premiere Pro CS6.


Does anyone know a way to do this or a workaround to achieve the same basic thing? Simply making a sequence with every clip in it and adding the Warp to all of them makes my Warp stuff kind of glitch out. Clips lose their analyze data, warp stops functioning on some clips even if I re-analyze, and they don’t always auto start the analyzing.


The way to do it in FCP was to actually add a new column in the project browser. There was kind of a hidden smoothmotion column. Add that and right click it, it gives you the option to analyze for smoothmotion in background. Select all clips, right-click, and boom. Leave it over night.


If someone could show me a way, you are a god!

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