Am I on right track for 1st Bluray burn? Getting concerned over how many 25gb discs needed……


I am working my way through my own HD 1st edit with CS5.5.2.  Using tutorial book, on line support and a paid tutor.  It is for a 1 hour 40 minute project of an important event, 1st time for a client I want to keep.  Things are looking OK….I think.


Specifics:  Shot 1080i 29.97 35mbs 4:2:0.   I’m on OS 10.7.5  with 6 core 3.46 Mac Pro 48gb RAM.  Very happy with edit.  But have tried tests with 16 minute length exports of section of the time line to self contained QT.  All at max bit rate and quality.  And also at progressive frame rate at the suggestion of my tutor.


Animation   156gb  

H.264           17.6gb

mpeg 4           9.7gb


All look great!  But am I going to have to get 50gb discs to keep this at no more than 2 discs?  (preferably 1 if will fit on a 50gb disc)  Obviously 3 hour Lord of The Rings type movies do. 


Not even sure as this is 1st time….if the internal LG 12x with Lightscribe (dvd only) internal drive that OWC put into it when they upgraded and built this machine for me on their “performance” side…….will even burn dual layer discs?  Now I can’t find the exact skew number on it on their site that is on my invoice.  Do these in general burn dual layer?    Am I going to need dual layer if I drop down to 8 bit and whatever other recommended settings, that I am hoping someone here can please help me with?  I’m assuming from the above I need to use mpeg 4 settings and go back to 1080i 29.97 that the project was set up for.


Thanks very much



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