Align to selection question

I have the align panel and everything, and I understand how all the align features work, they are just like in illustrator.

However, in illustrator, if i click an object a second time once selected, it draws a thick stroke around the selection to notify me that i’ve made that selection the master, and all align commands will align relative to that object without moving it.

I don’t see how i can achieve that with after effects. Is there a way to select an object as master so that i can center relative to that object without moving it?

Edit: In case there is another better way, I’ll explain what I’m doing as well. I have text that will appear and disappear along the bottom of the video. In order to make it more easily visible, I have made a black shape layer, which i have then made semi-transparent, that goes along the bottom.

I would like to have my separate lines of text appear centered over this translucent box i have running along the bottom.

If i use align panel, the only way i know how, It will move the box AND the text to get them centered. I would like to just align the text to the center of the box, while the box remains stationary, in place, at the bottom of the frame.

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