Adobe – Premiere Review

Adobe-Premiere Pro CS5 is out since last year and it has made quite an impact, only promising to move forward with its innovative spirit promoted by its creators.
Adobe-Premiere has been out on the market for 10 years now and currently, it’s the world’s leading video editing software, serving both Mac and Windows platform users. It’s best-known for its features being used in the creation of Avatar (James Cameron movie, 2009) and its use on the BBC network for their TV editing needs. The Tonight Show also relies on this software to edit their content and get it ready for the public audiences in front of the TV.
While there have not been many new features added to Adobe-Premiere Pro CS5 from Adobe-Premiere Pro CS4, the newest version holds the stand with implemented features that directly affect the program’s performance in a positive way. It can now make use of more than just 2 GB of RAM and has a better GPU acceleration.
Adobe-Premiere Pro CS5 also has implemented HD capabilities, making it not only a powerful option for image editors, but for video editors as well, both in terms of import and export. One of its key features, regarding the HD capability, is exporting directly in Blu-ray formats. It has also upgraded to a 64-bit system, suitable for more high-end performance and abilities.
The Mercury Playback Engine is also something new incorporated in the new Adobe-Premiere Pro CS5, bringing even more GPU acceleration and CUDA-acceleration to the product, thus allowing experienced users to make the best of this awesome video editing, image tweaking software. The number of file formats that can be imported and exported has also increased along with the new version, making it one of the most flexible video editing option on the market.
The user interface, or the UI is very friendly and easy to get around to. No more does the basic, new user need to waste time on tutorials and eBooks in order to get around the basic video editing or image editing features. With only basic computer knowledge, you can get the most of this software, easy and fast.
ATI graphics card users have encountered some problems at first, but the people behind Adobe-Premiere managed those bugs and to this day, they are mostly resolved through implemented minor updates. NVidia users however, benefit greatly from their graphic cards, as Adobe is in close relationship with NVidia producers, focusing their software on these kind of cards.
The color-key effects are also a big plus for the new version of Adobe-Premiere, making it even more user friendly and greatly enhancing the practicality of the user interface. Adobe-Premiere also has a very good support system for issues, bugs or more intricate questions about how and what the software can do. The response is prompt and to the point, not letting the user wait too long before the issue is addressed.
All in all, even though there are not many changes from the previous version, Adobe-Premiere is a top of the line video editing software, aimed at literally everybody who has taken or wants to take interest in video editing.