Adobe Premiere CC help, advice, tips Please

Hello, I am Stanislav Lekarev and I am a video producer from Cleveland, OH. I have been a big fan of Sony Vegas Movie Studio then Sony Vegas Pro 11 then moved onto to Sony Vegas Pro 12. I like it, great program, effects, transitions etc.

I feel it is still very limited and not enough to create bigger, better, videos.

I have Adobe Premiere CC now and have heard great things about it. My problem is using it, I am very knowledgable of Adobe products Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign for the longest time.

How do you start the correct setup for your video in Adobe Premiere? How do you edit? How and what do you do to create music videos/general videos and so on correctly in the format and everything so it can turn out as good as Sony Vegas and if not, even better.

I dont want to take up anyones time too much, at least a sentence or two in general how I can start. I am a graphic designer and video producer already so I know formats etc. I just need help starting out in Adobe Premiere CC. Thank you.

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