Adobe – Premiere 2

Users are usually scared when they hear the name Adobe, because of their tendency to make things harder for the regular PC Joe to come around to. Sure, there are numerous tutorials and videos out there which can help everyone, but not everyone has the time to take that much of an interest to learn something new.
That’s why one of the most important aspects that programmers seek out nowadays is a friendly, intuitive interface. And Adobe-Premiere creators are abiding very well to this trend. The interface is made in a way that even a new user can get through it without any problem, performing basic video editing tasks.
Even more so, Adobe-Premiere makes it easy for the regular user to share their products easy and fast. It allows for the final product to be posted to Facebook or uploaded on YouTube directly, without the hassle needed to export it to a file and then accessing these services through a browser.
Adobe-Premiere also allows users to create DVDs, complete with menus, scenes selection, multiple audio choices and subtitles. This can prove to be a very good alternative for independent movie makers or low budget projects – allowing the director to do all the work that usually falls upon paid editors. HD capabilities are also integrated, so the final product does not have to suffer from a lack of quality.
Adobe-Premiere also features a lot of automated functions that help users who are in a hurry or do not have the experience to make the tiny tweaks needed for a high-end quality video. Don’t get me wrong – Adobe-Premiere incorporates the best automated features so that you’ll get the best final product. But some, more experienced users, might want something added or removed that requires some know-how – this software will surely satisfy them with the wide array of editing options it offers.
Adobe-Premiere also allows video capture, along with the basic editing functions. Take pictures or record home movies and then sort through them using this software and even compile them into a single DVD-like file. Everything is made easy and effortless with Adobe-Premiere. Also, a key feature is the 2 GB cloud storage that it provides (which can be upgraded, with additional charges, to 20 GB). Slide shows, printing and instant movies are also features that are integrated in the Adobe-Premiere Elements 10 suite, so that everybody, and I do mean everybody can enjoy one of the most advanced video editing software out there.
Importing and exporting files through Adobe-Premiere is easier than ever. It can manage a lot of file types, both importing and exporting-wise. You can export your movie to a Blu-ray Disc, you can import and export files that are PC and Mac compatible, as well as the more known files: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MP3, DVD, Dolby Digital Stereo, H.264, Windows and QuickTime Media, DV-AVI and AVCHD.
All in all, Adobe-Premiere is the best way to go if video editing is something you’re into or want to get into. It’s easy to use, it has a friendly interface and make video editing more fun than ever.