Adobe Premiere

Did you know that your favorite movies like Avatar, Dust to Glory, Superman Returns (for the video capture process), Captain Abu Raed, The Social Network, Playing Columbine, Monsters – would not have looked realistic without a powerful video editing program like Adobe-Premiere? What is it? What can it do? What could it do 20 years ago? What can it do now? Adobe-Premiere has evolved to adapt continuously, constantly seeking to satisfy its customers.
As the number of devices that can record videos is growing rapidly, people began to seek a comprehensive solution for editing, organizing and sharing that is easy to learn and use.
Adobe is the company that has been making a real effort to ensure that the learning curve with Premiere Pro is shallow. The application uses fundamental, established paradigms so it to be an intuitive application.
During the process of creating the application, listening to the customers’ needs helped building of a product that solves their problems.
Adobe-Premiere is probably the most complete video editing studio.
To keep up with the latest technology’s on the market, Adobe-Premiere incorporates the support for DVD and Blue-ray, encoding for mobile equipment like mobile phones and PDA’s, advance handling of all projects with the help of an integrated panel into the graphic interface of the program. Nevertheless slow motion option is also available.
Adobe is looking at more than just offering users the short term benefits with its latest push. The company is showing users that the Premiere Pro platform is something that can fill all of their editing needs from now on.
Adobe-Premiere is all you need to edit professional videos, clips, and more. It has all the necessary tools for editing, adding special effects, slow motion and others. It supports most video acquisition hardware, especially for DV and now HD. This is why the system requirements are higher than most software of this kind. And when you get it mastered, you realize what special tool it is!!
Evolution of Adobe-Premiere began in December 1991 with the launch of Adobe-Premiere 1.0, passes through the launch of several interfaces for 20 years in 30 intermediate variants, arriving today with the new Adobe-Premiere Pro CS5.5 who excels in many video editing options.
Adobe-Premiere 1.0 released in 1991 allowed QuickTime multimedia and Video Spigot format support, PICT image support, Supported up to 160 x 120 pixels movie creation, Supported 8-bit audio and output to video tape.
The ultimate soft – Adobe-Premiere Pro CS5.5 – comes with MPE acceleration of more video effects, merges clips for dual system audio, Closed captioning play out to firmware and third-party hardware, Adobe Audition CS5.5 integration, improved speech-to-text using Adobe Story scripts, Canon XF metadata support, New Film dissolve effect, Subtract and Divide blend modes. It can be used on Windows and Mac Platforms.
Adobe-Premiere is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, a graphic design suite, made by Adobe systems. Premiere Pro includes an OEM package with a high-end video editing card, just like the Matrox RT.X2.
Adobe-Premiere Pro CS5.5 enables you to edit faster than before by offering leading, native file–based GPU-accelerated effects and filters thanks to the enhanced Adobe Mercury Playback Engine —that is now available on laptops and workstations.