Adobe Functional Content and the Creative Cloud

Hello All


To any Adobe Employee who may read this, can you please get someone at Adobe to take control of this issue and see that the library, templates and all other functional content gets packaged correctly and enabled as a download and “sub-install” for the parent product inside the Adobe Application Manager.


I think as subscribing users we should get better service and direction from Adobe in regards to this functional content. As I type this I have more than 10 tabs open, each one leading to a thread that has something to do with how to install and fix a problem with the Functional Content for After Effects, Premiere Pro and Encore.


See if you can in less than 30 minutes figure out exactly what to do to activate this content by reading these threads: ssing.html


I have been very reluctant to do anything because I am reading a lot of conflicting and incomplete information. This link in particular, ssing.html, is really unhelpful because there are 3 methods to do something but reading it I am not sure if each method does the same thing or if each does one part of the 3 sets of missing Functional Content. Additionally “solution” 3 presents a place to put the content but then leaves out the path we are to do it to.


Most disappointing is the fact that the first “solution” did not get me the menu buttons I am looking for in Encore and I don’t know if I screwed up or if the install was incomplete for some reason.


Do I now need to install one of the other “solutions”? Those of you in the community that are about to hit reply, please don’t. Do not answer that question.


Here is why…


Adobe is responsible for delivering us customers a product. It is Adobe’s responsibility to fix the mess that a number of paying customers are having regarding this Functional Content.




Here is what I and I think a lot of other subscribers want you to do:


You already have a Solution in place. One that doesn’t require a lot of user intervention and doesn’t require anyone to pick a “solution” and screw it up, search for more help and spend hours of their time fixing a mess.


Adobe Application Manager. Create the proper installation packages. Put them on the servers, tell the AAM how to clean up the mess any users who have tried these “solutions” have made. Then have it install the proper packages as a “Sub-Installation” for each of the parent software that it is for.


This solution will not only make things better for us end users, but you will also make the manageability of the Functional Content easier for your teams as well. And if your teams wanted to add additional Functional Content to any program that is part of the creative cloud or that the Adobe Application Manager manages, then it would be a simple matter of creating an installation package and adding it to the AAM’s list of installable programs.


You just did this exact thing with Lightroom 4.1! Why can you not do this for the Functional Content?!?


Back to the Community Members that want to answer my post. Don’t. Instead if you agree with me or even if you don’t, sign off on this thread or indicate your virtual thumbs down. Either way I don’t want an answer, I want an action from Adobe, the only ones who can fix the mess.


I really believe that the Application Manager is the most elegant solution. If any of you have ever used Steam, you know what a great feeling it is when you can download a game demo, try it, buy it and just have everything take care of itself. I don’t even have to worry about updates; Steam takes care of my games. And the thing that makes it really valuable? I DON’T PAY $50 A MONTH TO USE STEAM AND HAVE IT JUST WORK, IT IS FREE!


All I want at this point is Functional Content that I don’t have to read a 50+ page manual to install. I know that is an exaggeration, but honestly if it is 1 badly written set of instructions or 50 what does it matter? I don’t pay Adobe so I can read up on how to install their software; I just want to use it.


I guess I should also point out that this is now the second large hold up to my project that I started subscribing for. The first was a problem that I again had to figure out the solution to by working around it, when again Adobe seems to be unable to correct the problem, here, here, here and here.


And now here I am again at a slight stand still because I can’t use my DVD authoring software to create a button on a Wedding DVD menu.


Okay, you can go ahead and reply… but I would still prefer no answers, just /agree or /disagree.

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