About Adobe – Premiere

Adobe-Premiere is basically a video editing software which is based on timeline editing. That means that you will have the video in front of you, along with the timeline of the video, so you can add or modify effects exactly where you wish to.
It’s a rather young product from Adobe Systems, the producers. But its impact has been tremendous both in game and film industry. Not only that, but even TV shows use it to edit some of their sketches and add a bit of fun to their program (The Tonight Show, for example).
Adobe-Premiere handles video editing resolutions as far as up to 10,240 x 8,192 resolution. This provides movie-makers and editors with a performance and option boost that nearly not any other software gives them. This is why it is so popular and widely used today, given the trend of movies, games and even TV to move over to HD.
Adobe-Premiere is also well known due to the fact that it incorporates some vital features into its Pro version. These features are After Effects (altering effects directly onto the timeline and observing the final products before release); Photoshop (individually edit and modify each frame, then automatically adding it back to the timeline); Adobe Story and OnLocation (ability to encrypt metadata into the video file, such as subtitles and text directly, even using basic speech recognition functions); Adobe Audition, Dynamic Link to Encore and Reveal in Adobe Brige.
All the features presented come with the Adobe-Premiere Pro version and are all the current version (CS5.5) offers. The first Adobe-Premiere was released in December, 1991 and it was originally intended for Mac users only. It wasn’t until 1993 in September that Adobe-Premiere was made available for the Windows PC platform as well. Back then it allowed for 99 stereo tracks and 97 video tracks, along with sub-pixel motion and field rendering. New features kept coming with the new updates, up until the latest one on May 3rd 2011. The latest updates focused Mac and Windows platforms together and until today, they are at Adobe-Premiere Pro CS5 (the 5th version of Adobe-Premiere Pro).
Adobe-Premiere is not only known to editors and filmmakers. The usage of the software made it very popular among the common PC users. The customers found out that the software was used to create and edit such movies as Avatar, Social Network and Superman Returns and quickly started to share an interest for the video editing platform. BBC also uses the software.
And Adobe-Premiere does not disappoint the common user. Most people have tried the Windows Movie Maker or other simple video editing software options. Well, Adobe-Premiere is as simple as they are. Sure, it can do a million things more than those can, but it is also oriented to serve the simple needs and expectations of the common user, without making him have to go through lengthy tutorial videos and/or books. Furthermore, due to the fact that it runs both on PC and Macs, it provides for literally all the world’s computer users a quick, easy and fun way to edit videos.