A Few Thoughts on Win8

I just built a new computer for my wife, and she insisted she had to have Win8 after seeing a demo in a store… so, I had to learn (just enough) about Win8 to install it and get it set up for her to use


The much discussed Start screen is actually not too bad to work with… program installs (so far, only a half dozen or so programs) automatically put a program icon on the Start screen… so a 3rd party menu program like I have for Win7 is not needed


When one of these icons is clicked, Win8 switches to the old Desktop mode to run the program… pressing the “Window” key on the lower left of the keyboard brings up the Start screen


I have NO need or intention of upgrading my Win7 computer, but if/when I ever build a new computer, Win8 is OK (or, by then, Win9 or 10)


Also… my wife has figured out that the Start screen and the oversized icons there are just like our furniture… she may move things around and “play” with different looks

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