18fps animation in 25fps sequence; flicker problem

Hi all


I did a screen catpure for a video I’m making (the sequence will only contain this video) and it is 18fps yet the sequence is 25fps. I’ve looked at the other sequence options and there is no 18fps option. I can just see 10fps, 15fps, 20fps, 25fps, 29fps etc.


The problem I have is that there is a flicker/jutter in the video when exported.


So I change the video to 25fps  (modify -> interpret footage) and export. There is no jutter/flicker anymore! … but now my editing is all wrong and the video goes too fast. So I say ok, I can reedit it,  so I change the speed to make it slower, the same length as before, to see if this will now fix the jutter/flicker problem – no it doesn’t it came back.


Does anyone have any solutions to this problem? They’d be much appreciated





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